Echo Mia vs. Audiophile 2496



Hey Folks, I've been looking at these two units. The Mia comes off as the winner as far as specs has +4 dbv levels on the inputs (wich is a pro setting) whereas the Audiophile has a +2 dbv setting (consumer levels). Also, the Echo has 1/4 inch balanced inputs whereas the Audiophile has unbalanced Rca. I want to get the right one since it will be taking a signal from my great river me-1nnv/Studio Projects C3.

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Mar 15, 2003
If it is only between the two cards you mentioned I think you already answered your own question:

Echo Mia has better specs, +4 dBv input level support and balanced 1/4" inputs. What more do you need to know ;) ?

On a related note, however, I would also pay attention to the quality of the drivers (listen around on this and other forums). I honestly don't know which one is better in that category but it might make quite a difference.

I assume your budget restricts you to only these two options? If not, I can personally vouch for the quality and performance of RME cards. I have not found a single disappointed user yet. You might want to check those out, too.

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Thanks, Mr Blue - Those RME cards are very nice indeed - Too bad the entry level card is pricey - Let me know if you come across a cheap one. I'm convinced that the RME cards just have better converters.


i have the audiophile but have too many problems with drivers every time you look you have top upgrade im looking into the layla 24. I do not care to much for their cust. support either