fast thru-put with new DualG4s?

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I am looking to graduate from a Beige G3, utilizing an adaptec 2940U2W card with a Lacie LVD9.1Gb scsi, to a new Dual 1Ghz G4. My concern is that the 2940 adaptec card is not supported in the new Quicksilver. Hence, I am trying to figure what kind of MB/sec the new mac is likely to give me with its' stock, 80GB ATAharddrive? What is the most cost efficient way to get 20-40MB/sec read-writes (or more)?
Do I have to go scsi (and lose an arm and leg?)? what thru put is possible through the firewire port?
Thanks for any help.
Joseph Irwin


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Feb 10, 2001
There are people here who know a lot more about this than me... but anyway...

Is your LaCie SCSI or ultra-SCSI? And what software/hardware are you using?

The ATTO/EPCI card might be one solution. I got mine about a year ago for $330. It sounds like a lot, but you get twin SCSI ports on one PCI card (and it's recommended by Digidesign, if you're using PT). The ports can be SCSI or Ultra-SCSI (or one of each!)

In any case, I think you may find 9 GB doesn't go very far, especially if you are recording full bands in CD length projects. (Typically, my CD projects use anywhere from 12-24 GB of storage at 24bit/44.1k). If you're just recording solo piano, or guitar and voice you may be ok, but otherwise you're probably going to find yourself looking for a bigger drive in a hurry.

And make sure you budget for a back-up system. (On large projects, backing up to CD's can get very tedious.)

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