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Hi Everyone !!!

I am looking for a couple of new monitors to my mixing room. Have used Mackie HR824 for 1,5 years now but they aint working so good for me, On both mid & low i feel they don´t give me the straight sound i would like. To my question: People have said to me that the KRK v6 are good trusty monitors. Does anybody here have any experience on that ?



i have them - and i concur. theyre great. they will take a little getting used to coming from the mackies...



I agree I had those damn mackies for 2 years none of my mixes ecer translated cause my room was too small for them. Only use them if you have a very large mixing/control room. I went to the Yamaha msp-5 and my mixes translate much better. I was amazed at some of the stuff i was creating along with some seasoned pros. Sort the room out or get monitors that go with the room.

good luck!!!


Interesting. How small is too small? How large is large enough. I have some 624s and think I'm learning how to read them. I have them on Auralex Mopads on my desk in the middle of my room, like this (this time with code tags):

      |  venice240  |
      |    desk     |

Rob de Boer

I have a set of krk v4s, the even smaller version of the v6 (and if I say small, I mean tiny). I can tell you from experience that they give a nice frequency response and they translate really well to other systems. Note though that due to its small size, it lacks some bass beyond 65Hz. Getting the v6 will improve that problem somewhat. I listened to the v6s in the store and they have about the same characteristic of the v4, the bass extends just a bit more to the low end.

Compared to the msp-5 monitors that xcessbass recommends (what's in a name...), I think the krks are absolutely superior. I listened to the msp-5s in the store and their sound really reminded me of my hifi-set speakers. They lack defined and transparent mid and overrepresent the highs and the lows. And when it comes to the sub low, it is simply not there. The latter shortcoming also counts for the v4 of course, but other than that, you get a much more clear and crisp response from them.

You pay more for the krk's, but in my opinion it is well worth it. If you have a budget for the v6s, get them. If I had it, I'd have bought them..... For me the v4 is a good alternative though. Monitors is a piece of equipment that one should not compromise too much on.

Regards, Rob


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Aug 12, 2003
No room is to small for full range audio!
It seemes like your mackies revealed standing waves in your room.
So you got monitors that don't play bass(50-80Hz)? resulting in that you now absolutely can't hear bass definet at all?

I work the otherway around:
Instead of dealing with the monitors because they reveal my room I deal with the source problem(my room).

It makes my kind off sad to hear about recording engineers that deals with the wrong problem! afterall those engineers are comming to me afterwards to get it masteret and askes why they couldn't hear the errors i hear.

I would allways recoment AudioNote speakers.
I'm sure that almost nobody here knows them, but give them a try.
You will be surpriced ;)