Firewire soundcard


wormy worm

hi there first post.

I found this group while searching for information about getting myself a fancy new capture thingey.

I am radio reporter always
looking to make the highest quality reports
from all points of view -- including sound.
I am planning to do some high-resolution
audio recording and editing and want to upgrade
my equiment accordingly.

Ive looked at thing like the MBox, which as far
as a device style is concerned is pretty close
to what im looking for. Id like to get something that i can plug into my desk PC and also take with
me for field recording with a laptop.

The limits of that device (usb, 48khz etc)make me
think that futureproofing requires a higher spec.
Is there something out there that is firewire
and deal with higher resolution audio?

thanks in advance



Maudio Firewire 410 comes out in july.
Its fully bus powered (portable). Hopefulyl the onboard pres are worth a damn, if not this will be useless... 400$ btw...

Dont ever buy any USB2.0 audio interfaces if they make any. USB2.0 uses CPU. Firewire doesnt.

SoundDesign makes a think called the USBpre for 450$