Fletcher GG



Whats up? Could you share a few moments of you're time and check my post in recording tips?


PS recording boards are funny, There here to share info with one another and when it comes to "how do I do this?" You don't get actual help in the way of something to try. You get some kind of neutral answer that only makes you more confused. (kinda like when I was in high school my science teacher was discussing space and how it as no end. I asked him, "so if I were to take off in a rocket and just go straight up, there would be no end? ever? All he could say was, "Theres no UP in space". Confused the $*^t out of me. This is why I am summoning you. From some of the posts I've read of yours, and from what I've heard from a friend of mine, You're quite twisted, in a good way of course. Twisted in the sense that you seem to stray from the norm.
If I want to hear drums the way they sound naturally, I'll get one of those dummy head mics and stereo mic the room. Drums, and music in general do not sound "natural" for the most part. Maybe a vision of what you wished natural sounded like in the real world. But then again I'm talkin about LOUD/AGRESSIVE/IN YOU'RE FACE type of music. I need some real world suggestions on compression/eq/mult settings. Theres such a fine line between a sick and twisted mix to one that has gone overboard. "drawers were to tight".

Oh, and when are you gonna have that contest where the winner gets a free 5 minute shopping spree. Of course you would have to have all the rack screws of, just to be fair.