FMR - Fletcher, what's the scoop?


Mar 13, 2001
The Hudson Valley - NY State - USA
How ya doin' Fletcher,

I noticed your post on "the other Forum" about a good, cheap Mic Pre, where you mention the soon-to-be-available RNMP from FMR, and that it "will have a second function which will act as a "balancing box" for the FMR 'Really Nice Compressor [RNC]".

Any chance of there also being a FUNKLOGIC rack tray combining the RNC with a RNMP...that would be reeeal nice...and fun-k-y!

Since I am looking to score a good quality/low budget Mic Pre and Comp...these two would probably make a very nice combination in my rack, especially if they came with a funky combo tray!!!

Give us all the good news as soon as it is available!



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Jan 28, 2001
When Vince at Speck Electronics came out with their ASC eq, Mark put the EQ on the far back burner. I expect we'll be seeing the RNMP in the next 60 to 90 days. He hasn't had any time to update all his web pages, which contains the EQ announcement and some wrong prices as well. His priorities are making sure the RNC continues to ship and working on getting out the RNMP.

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Jan 4, 2001
I believe Mark's original conception of the full FMR line was a rack space of 1/3 space processors, RNC, RNEQ, and last to release, the RNMP. I believe that the RNC is the only stereo capable box that will be in the line, but the RNMP and RNEQ are quite likely to change before release, as they are perfectionists about their products, so who knows if that'll hold.

What with the back-order issues coming up and the new product, you'd figure FMR is ready to expand their shop, financing allowing. Maybe do like Rowling did with the fourth Harry Potter book, having the pre-orders capitilize the publishing. But hey, I'm no MBA, I actually have functioning brain cells . . .

da Bear