Frontier Design Tango24 vs. TASCAM DA-88 D/A Conversion


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Oct 29, 2003
I recently purchased what was supposed to be a Frontier Designs Tango24 8-channel D/A and A/D converter. What I received was a 20-bit Tango (no 24). I sent it back and should be getting a refund soon.

In the process of being without the TANGO converters I made do with running my True Systems Precision 8 pre through the converters on a DA-88 that I have. I use an IF-TAD box to link the digital outs from the DA-88 into my computer interface.

My question is, other than being 24-bit vs. 16-bit, is the quality of the TANGO24 A/D converters going to be much better than those on board the DA-88? Do I really need to replace the TANGO? I can't afford to get into an Apogee or similarly pedigreed converter so that's not an option. So unless someone feels the DA-88 is not very good and has an alternative to the TANGO24 ....

I use the A/D conversion only for the Precision 8, the D/A conversion was really only being used for monitoring purposes. I use a Z-Systems Optipatch patchbay so routing isn't an issue either.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


i have a tango24 going into protools, and it sounds good to me. i can't compare to the da-88, but i have been told they are of poor quality. take it with a grain of salt.

if you need it only for D/A for monitoring, try the lucid DA 9624. I have heard very good things about this converter and it is priced around $650