Genelec 1029 vs. Truths



I can find the Genelecs used for around $650 and the Thruths are $650 new... which one do you guys recomend? I felt the Gens very powerfull for the size and with good lows and highs... the Thruths sound a little more flat... but I didn't know the room at all and they positioning was quite different from one to another...


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Feb 10, 2001
I know this red headed chippie that could suck the chrome off a trailor hitch, and a really tall blonde woman with tits that won't quit. Which one should I marry?

You're asking a question that is impossible to answer, unless we were you. Until you've worked with a set of speakers for a while in your room or on a long term project in several rooms, you have no idea which set will be right for you, nor which ones suck. It's kinda like dating for a while before you commit to the marriage thing.

When I was "monitor shopping" I purchased probably around 15 different sets of monitors before I found a set that worked very nicely for the way I work. Of course, within 5 years of my settling on a set of monitors that rocked my world, the company went out of business and replacement parts became impossible to attain.

I too am back on the hunt for a decent set of nearfields...I just know know if I'm prepared to go through that process again, so I may just use my damn car for reference (ya know, burn a CDR and play it in the car...which means I get to get a CD player for the car and can write it off my taxes!!).

For whatever it might be worth, I've never found a set of powered monitors I thought were worth a $*^t...and I've also found that which amp you use with which speakers makes a tremendous other words, you have one hell of a hunt on your hands.

Good luck with it.


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Apr 22, 2001
Originally posted by Fletcher:
I know this red headed chippie that could suck the chrome off a trailor hitch, and a really tall blonde woman with tits that won't quit.

I'd go with the red head myself, I'm not a huge fan of blondes.

The Genelec 1029's are weak in the bass to me. I'd want something that goes a little lower. The best thing to do is try to find a shop that has both as well as some other monitors and listen to them. Also, like Fletcher said, the power amp your using makes a big difference. My Hafler P2400 recently went up in smoke so I grabbed a used Samson Servo 240 from the local music store where I buy my stings and drum heads. It's like listening through a wet cardboard box. Budget for good power.
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Sep 5, 2000
I wrote an article about them EQ, but it's not gotten published yet. I'd stay the fark away from anything with the "Behringer" name on it. You get what you pay for, yaknow. I'll dig the article up and post it here, if it's kosher. Fletcher?

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