Glad this forum exists!



Glad to see this forum is here for Core 2 users; even though the card has a bad rep...
I'm currently building a new PC for my DAW hoping it'll work out some of the problems I've had. I've been using an AMD K6 2 500, but have come to realize that I probably need an Intel machine... Anyway, hope to hear from other users (if there are any here. :) )


Mar 20, 2000
Nanaimo BC, Canada
hey welcome aboard g.Brogan! Glad to see a post. Looking forward to others is right :roll: Maybe your post will encourage others.

What's your take on Core 2?

If anyone knows where other users are let-em know we're here!



Thanks for that site, Lucid.

As far as my experience with the card, the jury is still out on that one. Once I sit down to record some serious tracks I'll post my thoughts. The scratch recording I've done has gone pretty smoothly, as long as my system was well optimized beforehand. It sucks, however, that Lexicon pulled the plug on the Core 2 (and future driver development) before resolving its issues. There are a lot of unhappy people in Recording Land who bought this one.


I love my Core 2! It sounds fantastic once you can get it to work!! ;) I especially enjoyed the DBX Type 4 on it. Its a great "Safety Net" for those like me who don't always set their compressor quite right going in.
I am among the many who are very dissapointed that Lex no longer supports this card. I will be going to XP soon and my trusty Core 2 will be retired. I will miss it. It does really tick me off that there are a lot of people still buying this card that is totally unuseablr on many systems! Lex should institute a buy back program!!


Lexicon is a big enough company that it owes
it to its customers to handle the Core 2 problems
better, and not leave customers hanging,
since the combination of the Core 2 + MP100
daughter card costs $450. That's a lot of money
to pay for a product that never worked right,
allegedly because of bad drivers, and had support
dropped for it, putting customers out in the cold.

When did it become OK to do business like that
in this country?

My understanding is that there are those
interested in writing their own WDM and Linux
drivers for the Core 2, but that Lexicon won't give out information about how to interface with
the Core 2 card.

If they've discontinued the card and aren't
supporting it, they should let the Open Source
community have the data necessary to continue
work on the product so that people get they're
money's worth.


The Core2 is actually the second time Lexicon burned it's customers by dropping all support on a computer audio interface. The Core32 System was a very cool profesional modular interface that included hardware PCM81 and PCM91 cards.

Lexicon left those who bought the Core32 high and dry just before they came out with the semi-pro Core2 this should have been a warning sign to people but few even knew about the existance of the Core32.

I have mentioned this many times to people asking about the Core2, actually just yesterday someone on the Harmony Central Recording forum was asking if they should purchase the Core2 rather than an M-Audio Delta44. It seems Musician's Friend still sells the Core2 and while they do say that it is not compatible with Windows 2000 they fail to mention the fact that it is discontinued and there is no further support for it.