good affordable chain for recording bass


B Carron

I am starting to research my options for good bass chanels (mic preamp, di and a mic for acoustic bass). I will be recording both electric bass (di channel) and acoustic bass (di channel and mic channel). I also need to pick up a good mic for recording acoustic bass. The music I am recording is mainly jazz.

Does anyone have any advise about what to consider? I don't have too much cash because I sunk most of my cash into my other channels. If I track tunes one track at a time, which I don't enjoy doing, then I can use my other higher end channels.

Thanks for your help.


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Dec 10, 2001
Pacific NW
Avalon u-5 DI. harvey gertz swears by the ecm8000 mic for acoustic bass..i think its a really cheap small diaphram thing..i've used an sm-81 shure pointed at the neck joint and a 57 pointed at the bridge at about 2 feet away for acoustic doghouse and have gotten wonderful results...