Good Effects in a mix (Protools HD)



I Just got the Protools HD and was woundering what are some good effects to use on the vox and in the mix just not only Reverb and EQ need that nice warm sound without out board gear,also how to get a nice EQ out of a live bass and kick thx for the time ...Radmaster :)

I don't understand the options on this poll you have set up here Radmaster. Wouldn't it be better to post responses in thread form?

There is no magic formulafor vocal processing, but here are a few things that have been used: de-esser, pitch-bender, amp simulator, exciter, flanger, phaser, delay, slap echo, tremolo, envelope filter. David

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
I also did not understand this poll.
here goes my top 10, all time favorite tdm/rtas plugs:
1) Vintage Warmer
2) Compressor banks CB2
3) TC Master x 5 band mode ( not for PT HD for a while, although 3 band mode is already possible)
4) Waves De-esser
5) Altiverb
6) Lexiverb ( not for PT HD)
7) Waves Q10
8) Amp Farm
9) Power Dither
10)Waves Renaissence Eq