Hammond session



I thought it might be useful to post a thread on my last session recording my Hammond/Leslie setup.
Because I can't work my analog studio and record myself on my Hammond at the same time I called in a pal of mine who runs his own studio with an Ampex 16 track. He is also a great Hammond player with a B3 and M100.
We used a Neumann TLM 103 on the bass rotor placed centrally about 18 inches away. On the top we used an AKG 414 close to the open top corner.
The sound in my very small live room was great, but we opened up the door and took a Rode NT2 up the stairwell 2 flights.
With the top rotor mic panned hard left, the bottom to about 9 oclock, and the ambient hard right we got a massive sound.
I was playing both manuals and bass pedals and the low end depth was very like pipe organs.
I have a Celestian 15 in my Leslie that I've found has much more depth than the standard speaker, and I also have a different compression driver in the top. but if you have the ability to put some real distance with an ambient mic from the others and just watch for phase issues you might find it opens up the whole sound.
I' going to try a similar thing when I record the drums for the same 2 tracks, to see if it gels and sound if they were recorded at the same time in the same space. Dave.