Hammond XK-2 Midi Organ



Anyone had any experience with these? You'll all probably think I'm nuts for asking this, but it's come down to a matter of space.

I've got a B-3 and Leslie 44W in my main room. I've been baby sitting it for a friend and most of the time it sits unused. I absolutely love the sound of a B-3 but I really need the real estate this thing is camping on. I'm wondering if the XK-2 sounds close enough to the real thing to make it worth a purchase. It appears to be able to emulate the real thing as well as various Leslie aspects and would free up an awful lot of space.

Nate Tschetter

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Feb 28, 2001

I used to have an XK2 years ago. It was pretty good but limited by its MIDI implementation. Through a real Leslie, it was quite good.

The (modern) Korg CX3 is a winner, to me. I'd love to have one for gigging.

For me, if it has the Hammond layout and waterfall keys, I'm a pretty happy boy.

I have a real B3 too and know what you mean. I almost want to have the organ in the control room with me so I can play and record it. However, for those situaion where I need organ for scratch parts, the NI B4 or Emagic's B3 (which I prefer to the NI) is better than a synth or ROMpler organ.