HD192-Rigs, G5s, and hard drives?



Hi all,

I've already posted this as a reply to another topic, but I feel I should start a new thread too.

We're speccing up a new HD192 rig using a G5, and have been recommended the internal SATA drives as the way to go, although with our G4s we've always used SCSI (Thanks Apple, for creating a new (ahem) "ultra-spec" computer with only 3 PCI slots - very handy for us HD3 users - after the 3 HD cards there's no room for a scsi card and our clients simply don't trust running HD cards from an expansion chassis).

Does anyone have experience of running HD rigs with G5s?

Over at Abbey Road, our sister studio, they're using internal SATA drives on their G5s, as is Mark 'Spike' Stent in the Mix Suite over here, but we've heard that some other people (Simon Climie amongst others I believe) are working direct from firewire drives (most people don't trust them for recording sessions here, but we do use them all the time for backups).

We'd be very interested to learn if anyone knows specifically which work best, ie largest track count before failure, life expectancy etc.

Thanks for your time guys, this is urgent at our end so any thoughts you have would be very gratefully received.

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Phil Plumpton
Technical Engineer
Olympic Studios, EMI Studios Group