headphone mixes?


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Nov 3, 2001
just wondering how people get about multitrack monitoring with their daw setups:

1. do you use the computer as a dumb tape deck, and send a separate signal to a mixing desk? or...

2. do you use the daw for doing the monitor mix, and don't worry about the latency? or...

3. do you run the signal through the alsihad with zero pan/volume/phase changes and out to the desk to mix for headphones?

i'm primarily concerned with headphone mixes, and whether it's possible to get away with monitoring post d/a conversion

i know there's no rules, i'm interested in opinions, particularly, if you've had experience with both latency-free and latency-laden monitoring worlds (read analog and digital)


Hi Max,

Depends what you are using and how much latency.
In my Cubase days and when I first went to PT.
I used a Mackie 1604 and had the pres I wanted foldback on split to this and took a stereo mix from the daw. So I used the 4 auxes as 4 mono mixes.
Real knobs to turn.
Had to screw with the stereo mix. could of done a bus mix maybe.

Now with PT and since I got the control24. I take out two stereo buses straight out the 882 and use them for four mono mixes. Yep I like mono mixes saves getting the band members to say maybe the guitar a little more this side etc. Take these pre fader so I can screw with the mix.
You have instant recall of foldback
Oh ok I have knobs on the control24 so it is not that bad.
As you are taking stereo mixes out to mono. If the guy on the left wants more bass although the other guy is happy, you have to pan left and volume up a bit to balance.

I put the cue from the control24 to another channel so I can have talkback on all 4 .

Hope this helps.