Headphone monitor on mixer



Hey! I've had this problem for ages, but could never really find an answer (googling for "mixer headphone monitor" turns up quite a variety). So, I've come here for help :)

I use a mixer almost daily (for music mixing, internet broadcasts, home projects, etc). I also prefer to use headphones with my mixer (plugged into the phones out). Now here's the problem:

I keep the main mix level at about +0db on average. For the proper headphone monitoring level, I have to crank the "Phones volume" to almost the minimum. With the knob this low, channels in my headphones randomly cut out - I have to jiggle the knob until it works, then not touch it. So, the question is:

Am I doing things correctly? When using a mixer with headphones, is it typical for the phones volume to be so low? Should I be using some type of headphone "amp" between the mixer and my headphones?

Hopefully someone can help me finally solve this problem :p


Apr 19, 2006
The design of the 2442FX and its siblings leaves a lot to be desired. I would use an external headphone amplifier unit connected to the Control Room Out of the mixer. Something like the SM Pro AUdio M-Patch 2 would work well and give you passive volume control for active monitors as well.


Thanks boswell, that's kinda what I was thinking (although I'll probably go with some cheaper headphone amp with less features).

Thanks for the help.