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Hi gang, i have this post started in the " tracking" section, but it's turned into a pc situation,,

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thats the link to SESSIONS , a track sheet manager, it's freeware,,

here's the scoop, it installs all the files except 3 of them that end in .ocx or o something,,

I contacted the writer of software , and he resent those three files that wouldn't seem to install on their own ( win 98 SE btw) ..

here's where i'm stuck , he said to " expand" them into the file where Sessions loaded or in Window system,,

my prob is, other then Winzip, i don't know which " common expand utility" that windows is supposed to have that he reffers to using ..

any help at least learning to expand these file would be appreciated,,,

so far , i havent gotten this Sessions to work, and if it's amatter of " expanding" these new files, I'd like to see if this software is useful

Thanks in advance


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Feb 15, 2001
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So what format are they in then if not zip files ?

If they are Rar files then get hold of Winrar, there's a 30 day evaluation version which should do fine for your situation.

Or they could be Ace files, in that case winrar will also work on them , or get Winace ( I don't have the url handy for that, search Google)

Good luck.


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Apr 7, 2001
WinRAR will take care of all formats...when it installs it will ask you what files to associate with it.



WinRAR is my preferred choice for people sending me projects to my FTP server for mixing!


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