Help! The console ate my studio!



Well, not yet, but it's threatening to. I'm looking at moving from a board that fits comfortably on my 32" by 66" work surface, meaning that monitors (audio and computer) also fit on the surface. The new board I'm looking at will completely fill my work surface, meaning I'm going to need to build/kludge something to fit it. I'm debating whether to leave myself a little room (for who knows what, possibly just being able to open drawers in the desk and get to pencils and post-its) or go for broke. My question to the list: I know many folks have bought consoles that are smaller than they needed (and I'm one of them). How many have bought consoles larger than they needed, and how'd you find out you'd gone too big?


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Feb 23, 2001
Silicon Valley
Go for broke. Screw having drawers for junk or room for pencils and other crap. The console is first and only priority and you just make do and adjustments as necessary. I can't ever remember hearing a real working professional that bought a nice big console having regreted doing that if it had the sound, features and channels to support their everyday needs and working style. But I have often heard to opposite of many who ended up regreting not having a console big enough and then having to live with the limitations and even having to buy and use a separate sub mixer.