Hey there Delta 1010 savvy folks...


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Sep 10, 2001
Guelph, Ontario
I recently purchased a Delta 1010 and am experiencing problems using it's multiple outputs.
I have all 8 outputs going to 8 mixer channels, at -10dB... all the connections are fine.

The card and driver installed fine, and I am able to hear clear audio from the card, but I cannot get any programs to show the "PCM In x/x Delta-1010" or "WavOut x/x Delta-1010"-multiple outputs- they just show a single selection of "Delta 1010". I am using Acid, Vegas, and Soundforge and am familiar with configuring these programs for multiple output cards, but this stumps me. When I playback audio, it comes out both channels 1/2 and 7/8.

The only thing I can notice is that in the Hardware Settings section of the M-Audio Delta Control Panel, the "MultiTrack Driver Devices" selections are greyed out... it's like the control panel doesn't recognize the multiple outputs either.

ABIT KT7A motherboard
1 GB PC-133 Memory
Athlon 1.33 MHz
1 8.4GB IBM UDMA66
2 x 20GB Maxtor UDMA66
Plextor 16x EIDE burner

Delta 1010:
Driver Version
Panel Version 1.01.10
Shows H/W Installed as "#1 1010" with #2,#3,#4 greyed out
Patchbay/Router: H/W Out 1/2=WavOut 1/2, same for the rest respectively

Any help or suggestions as to how I should resolve this would be greatly appreciated..