Host verses Non Host


phil magnotta

Dear Forum:
I am considering my first computer based DAW.
I would like you to comment on the host verses non host products. I'm especially interested in the SAWstudio and Scope Fusion Platform. One of my top priorities is recording midi sequences and having an elegant midi editing platform, at least 256 voice polyphony and last but not least, the ability to edit the synth engine of any program/patch/tone however it may be refered to while in multimode...let me explain a little further and more clearly. Say you have 16 midi channels with 16 instruments/sounds playing via sequencer. Now on channel 1, you have determined that the pad sound's original synth program needs to be edited to better fit the ensemle of the sequence/composition that is currently playing, so I now want to edit the pad sound on ch.1 while still having all of the sequence playing normally(that is the effects sends from the various channels and the volume mix etc still in place) while you go to that patch's (on channel one)synth editing functions and freely edit in real time with no penalties.
This is at the very least a most important function.
Phil Magnotta