How to modify consoles?!



I was wandering if someone has tips/literature on how to modify/maintain small consoles. I have a Tascam 2524 and I want to clean it, make sure everything is OK insde the board, wires and stuff... and if possible, make it better...
Thanx for any help! :)


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Sep 5, 2000
The 2524 is one of those boards like a Mackie, that doesn't need any maintenance really. Just make sure the pots aren't crackly, if they are, jizz them up a little with some spray contact cleaner. Clean all the connectors and jacks with some alcohol, just to get the scuzz off and that's about all you can do.

If you want to get esoteric I suppose you could start replacing electronic components, but you want to USE this board, correct?

I've never done any maintenance on my 2524, jftr.

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I am actually lust finishing a big modification Job for a client of mine. His desks thhat I joined togethher and modded are a bit more pricey than the tascam. But I made the desk into a 36 channel model with custom fabrication and ppatch bays and rewiring them internally not to mention uppin the specs of the desk in general. These are Chilton desks from england and ere kind of rare but all discrete and have a kind of a helios sound to them . But Tere was a ton of busing and routing mods done to it. But I can tell you it dies not go qiuckly. But what I can tell you to do to improve the soound of your desk is to increase the capacitor ratings but you have to know how to do this there is a bit of math involved in this but it will net you better bottom and in this signal path . And there are some piggybacking voodo things you acan also do to get better top end also. But just dot go spraying pots with clleaner it turns into a vicious cycle . Try to work the dirt out of em if tou can. But good luck- Mark
P.S. dont try to become a regroundiing wizaard internally you can gget into trouble if you dont understand how and why they do what they are doing.- Mark