Icon Pro Audio QCONPROX Channel DAW Controller ??


Kyle P. Gushue
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Jul 21, 2009
Boston, Massachusetts
Ok since my patience is legendary, I ordered it ... I'll let you know ! ;)

Well maybe better late than never.. I looked into those a couple years back, and I decided against it. There seemed to be a lot of uncertainty as far as the firmware and compatibility. Basically from what I gathered if it could be somewhat flaky. There were accounts of people who loved it with no issue, and others where it was the opposite. I just ended up leaning towards the avid artist series, which uses the Eucon protocol, and is compatible with samplitude, and most of the major daws. That and the higher resolution of the faders due to the Ethernet connection vs usb midi/Mackie MCU.

We had 42 channels of MCU while I was at the studio daily, and about 24 of them worked well.

Since my info on the icon is rather old by now, I’m curious your experience with it. Congratulations (or sorry to hear it) on taking the plunge!!


Quality recording seeker !
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Feb 21, 2013
Quebec, Canada
Thanks K
I ordered it from Amazon, so if it's not to my liking it'll be easy to return...
I have enough of my old MCU mk1 so we'll see what the Icon brings.. I will surely report my findings here ;)