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Hey Opus!

I remember months back when you were helping me out with suggestions re a new P4 system, you mentioned - or I noticed - that you worked for Apogee.

I hoped you could shed some light on some really straightforward but difficult questions re: dedicated a/d,d/a converters and pcs. Here goes,


Do you recommend the Apogees over the Prisms/Lucids etc. - and do any of the above really stand out in terms of sonic excellence.

I am looking to move away from PCI card on-board audio converters having grown up with 2" tape and analog desks..I can really hear the issues with cheap(ish) audio cards like the M-Audio Audiophile and want to start as I mean to go on and get the sound right from the start.

I know it has a lot to do with $$ as to which systems and gear we all end up with, but I am prepared to wait.

My specs are to be:

Cubase SX on a P4 3.06 ghz i850e 1066 rdram system.

Would you be able to recommend a good a/d, d/a converter and tell me how I would actually get this into my PC, audio-wise! Is there a PCI card that accompanies these outboard converters?

Thanks so much in advance and congrats for all the great posts so far!



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Apr 7, 2001
Ok, well to be honest I have not A/B'd the Lucid or Prisms to the Apogee converters. I can say that the Apogee converters truly maintain the stereo image and sonic quality of the signal itself. I use the Trak2 at home and can't imagine how I got by before I had it! It's an amazing sounding piece of gear!
The AD and DA 16's which are our newest product has been gaining some great clout and even one a Tech Award at the AES show! Not too shabby I might add!
Right now from what people are saying is the the Lynx cards are amazing! Indeed they are! I had to do a system install on with them and indeed they do sound great! Very low noise floor as well as a good stereo image retention. Only problem is that their ASIO drivers are in beta form and do not have multi-card support yet. I'm sure it will be out soon enough though.
Of course most people go with the RME cards since they are affordable and sound great as well! Put an AD and DA-16 with them and clock the RME's from the Apogee's and you've got a great sounding package!

Greg Malcangi

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Oct 12, 2000
FWIW, I feel the Prism ADA-8 is better than any of the Apogees currently on the market. The best high end converters I've heard are the dB Tech, although they are extremely expensive.

Again, although I haven't heard them myself I've been told by a couple of people whom I know and trust that the new Genex converters are worth serious consideration. IE. Don't quite compete with the dB Techs but are excellent bang for the buck.