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May 12, 2003
The other day I was meeting with a well known producer, who also owns a studio. I had approached him in the context of mentoring. I am looking to find a studio ownerengineerproducer to work with, and learn from.

In our conversation I mentioned to him that I, too own a studio, but even though we are in the same regeion I don't consider him a competitor. We do the same things, could attract the same clientele in some areas, but not a competitor.

He recounted a story to me that I thought was a great way to illustrate a point. I would like to share it with you.

When starting out as a producerarranger 20 some years ago, he was working in a studio that lost a job to the studio down the road. He asked the owner if he was pissed about this, and the owner replied "Not at all, I hope thay do a real good job on the cd". Confused at this he asked why. This is what was said.
"When you go to nashville, you know that all the studios there do decent work. That area has an astounding reputation for quality and professionalism. People from all over the place go there because they know this. If everyone in our area does good work as well, it is a credit to us all!"

I have had my share of experiences with local guys, who have big attitudes, and feel that they can assert themselves in the market by badmouthing others. In most of these cases it is obvious to me that they could benifit from a little information sharing.(help, tips, school, call it what you will.)
I make it known to everyone in this area that if thay need help or advice, I will be more than happy to offer the knowledge I have, competitor or otherwise. NO ONE knows it all, and we must all accept that. Being helpful and encouraging to our competitors, or clients who want to try it themselves,(don't give away your personal "secrets" of course), can be rewarding in many ways, and benifit your business.

If the trends of modern technology put our jobs in jeopardy, then nothing we can do will stop it.

I salute all of you here who come to help others and grow together.

I also would like to ask certain hotheads if they really feel like they are accomplishing something by taking shots at others, and ego tripping.

Just a thought. :p:


Good points and good story.

Myopic attitudes can be so detrimental in the long run.