My DAW computer died. I took it to the local PC store, and the kid hooked up a handheld device with 4 LED's on it, fired up the PC and said "Your PSU is no good". It's a Thermaltake 600w (W0129RU). He put one off of the shelf in, fired it up and still no luck. He said, "You need a PSU with another connection.", so he put another one in, still no luck, then said "Your MB is shot too". He gave me an estimate to make everything right, but I just wasn't so sure about him.

It's a home assembled PC I bought from a guy on another forum. ASUS P5Wd2, Redeon X1900xt, M-Audio 1010lt, 2G, Western 250 HD. Windows XP Home, SP2 and I'm using Sonar 7 Producers Edition.

When I turn on the PC, all the fans fire up. When the PC was working, the video card fan would shut off after a few seconds.
Now, the video card fan just keeps running, and there is nothing showing on the monitor...except for a brief "No Signal" message. The little indicator lights on the front of the case stay lit.

I saw a thread here about using a multi meter to check the PSU, and I get 5.09v on the red and 12.05v on the yellow, there wasn't an orange wire that was easily accessible. When I turn the PC on, the PSU fan fires right up.

I replaced the battery on the MB.

I'm just wondering if the PSU could be bad, when it appears to be OK?
Is there something else to go wrong in a PSU, or was the kid at the store wrong?


"You need a PSU with another connection."

This has been mentioned before... In another thread with similar BStery.

Get a second opinion, preferably from someone you trust.


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Do you hear the HDD spin up?

Do you see the HDD led flashing constantly, or does it just do a coupla' flashes and go stead on or steady off?

Can you even get to the bios? (del, f1 or esc)

If you can get to the bios, see if it's detecting the HDD.

If you can't get to the bios, then possibly you have a fried mobo or your bios has dumped itself.

Have you recently smelled anything electrical?