Is OS 9.2.1 compatible with my computer?


Boom Chic

I have a 9600/350 W/Newer G3 5000/250 upgrade card
Pro Tools Vers 5.1
MiroMotion DC 30 Plus
Adaptec 2940uw
ixmicro dual monitor card
Orangemicro USB/Firewire card
I had been running OS 8.6 but I am upgrading my Pro Tools version from 5.0.1 to 5.1 and wanted to upgrade my OS to 9, I ordered OS X and it was supposed to come with OS 9.1 CD, when I got OS X it had OS 9.2.1 CD in it! :mad:

Is this gonna work for me or should I try and get OS 9.1?

Is anyone using OS 9.2 with Pro Tools 5.1?


Boom Chic

Hi Karen,

It's me, Karen, yes responding to my own post. Tha answer is no. OS 9.1 is the last "officially supported" OS for your (my) computer. ;)