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issues pro-logic to cubase help


Nov 3, 2009
OK... So the band I'm working with had some songs done in a pro-level studio at the ATL Institute... Tracks are ok - mix is horrible. They want me to see if I can salvage the recordings and get something out of them. I did BUT>>>

The institute gave thema CD of the individual tracks, complete with edits but not with any processing - raw tracks. WAV files.

I loaded these into cuebase and re-assembled the song. I mixed it.

Sounds great, except... The tempo slowed down and it bent the pitch down about 1.25 steps. In other words, if it were originally played in the key of E - it is now somewhere between C# and D, not quite either one. It sounds cool and kind of "eerie" which I like but I want to know why it did this and if I can fix it.

The only think I can think of was project properties were different. like sample rates or something??

I have no clue and am looking to the knowledgeable folks on here to help me figure out why.

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions to correct it.

also- as a note - another song from the same original recording sessions did the exact same thing.

More Info:

Original recordings:
1152 bit rate - 24 bit sample size - 48Hz sample rate
Cubase export:
320 bit rate - 16 bit sample size - 44Hz sample rate

Matt in GA


TheJackAttack said:
Set up your new Cubase session for 24 bit 48K and reimport the tracks. Once you have remixed the session then bounce to CD.

What he said!
The sonic difference between 44.1K and 48K is hard to detect but running 48K files at 44.1K will give the tempo and pitch reduction you describe.
You can do as TheJackAttack uggests but then export your audio mixdown as 44.1k, 24 bit then convert through your favoured mastering program if you use one.
The fact is that the best quality, most used "end user" format is still cd so you have to end up at 44.1k 16 bit somewhere along the line. :D


Nov 3, 2009
So, I did the correction to put the tempo and pitch back to original...

And didn't like it!!! The "error" actually gave it that "errie" quality I was talking about and really I thought the original tempo was too fast. So, now I know what happened and how to avoid/fix it but realized that sometimes "errors" are the best things that can happen!!

Thanks for the help and helping me to learn something new. That's what I love about this stuff, you never quit learning!