Just moved form Digidesigns DUC to here.



I don't know if any of you have been to digidesigns DUC forum recently but I have to say it has become unbearable. There are no interesting topics and the amount of beginner questions is frustrating.
Don't get me wrong, I try to help my fellow PT users but sometimes I have to restrain myself. One guy who recently purchased a 001 systme didn't even know what EQ was. I mean, come on... thats basic recording.
I know that with the 001 they are more home studio users out there than ever with PT and now Digidesign has stopped shipping manuals with the 001 and now the forum is flooded with questions like "How do I create a master fader?" Digi's DUC used to be full of intellectual debates, suggestions and proffesional tips and techniques.
I tried to spread the word in there about this forum but I don't think noone has caught on. This forum is better becasue it has more categories (even a beginner section) and moderators. The only thing it is lacking is members. I think that this site will grow though.
I appologize for venting on my first post. I look forward to posting with you guys in the future.


Mar 20, 2000
Nanaimo BC, Canada
Hi NoEchelon, thanks for being here!

That's sort of how RO came about. After being on the DUC and a few others we soon realized that alot of the questions were mostly newbies with errors etc. It was time to create a site that covered more than just start up issues.

Welcome aboard!



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Sep 5, 2000
Welcome to RO!

I agree, we should have more members. Tell all your friends, would you? Pleeeez?

Enjoy. :)


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Sep 10, 2000
I found RO through audiokid's "advertising" on the DUc last September, and have been here ever since. I still look in on the DUC occasionally, but I agree wholeheartedly that it has gotten ridiculously repetetive. Wading-through the same questions over and over gets old real fast. At least 90% of users' questions could be answered if they'd just use the search feature. It gets harder and harder to find anything informative or interresting there.
We've tried getting people from the DUC to check-out RO, but we got blasted by users there for our efforts. They did not appreciate our "advertising" there at all. After a few heated battles, it was obvious that our efforts there would hurt us rather than help. If anyone else would like to take up the torch on RO, feel free. It would be great to get the Digidesign forums cooking here on RO. Perhaps with more Digi-traffic, more people would find a new home here.


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Apr 24, 2001
Too true

I was a regular viewer of the DUC 1 month before I even got my 001. In that month I could have answered half of those "newbie" questions just from watching the promotional video. :D


So what characterises a "newbie question" and at what point does a question graduate to " no newbie" and who decides who is a newbie and who is not?

My point is that there will be questions here on this forum which some people consider to be newbie questions. But, given the tone of this thread, only the brave newbies will ask.

The problem here is that self censorship will begin to take place in such an atmosphere. What I am saying is that it is safer not to ask rather than be seen to be " a newbie".

And again the problem of classifying one's questions comes into play. At each post people will be asking themselves "will I be ridiculed, or even ignored, for asking the question about my new system".

This atmosphere of uncertainty and fear may fend off a few newbies but it will also fend off others who are not newbies but have a particular piece of knowledge that they need that may seem simple but has eluded them.

Remember the classroom where you were to scared to ask the teacher to reiterate what they said because of fear of ridicule. There is the potential for this to happen on this forum too. The big problem is that, potentially, everyone will sit back and wait, like the kids in the class, and only the brave and the fools and the know-alls (legends in there own lunchtime) will jump in.

So, newbies may annoy some of you, but the cost of creating some sort of hurdle at some arbitrary level, controlled by the consensus of the informed Mandarin classes, is a list that is castrated.

So. . .

No one can know everything, and even the experts cant be expert at everything and may have a simple question to ask occassionally.

Open informed and rational discussion is a much more constructive atmosphere to cultivate than censored fear driven one-up-man-ship.

Are you on this list to show off or learn something?



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Apr 24, 2001
Hi Mark

Fair comments and well put.
I just want to clarify my thoughts and comments in this thread.
I don't think anyone here has a problem with answering anyones questions. The point is that this forum should be used for points that relate directly to the DIGI001.
I've seen too many posts on the DUC asking things like "What's an EQ for?". Really basic stuff that applies to all recording platforms and are general audio questions.
There are forums here at recording.org and around the web that are targeted general questions and suit the newbie level.
I'm more than happy to help and offer my opinions to these people in those general forums. I, and I'm sure nobody else here wants to scare anybody off. We all had to start somewhere :)
My point is that I think the 001 forum should be kept for specific 001 questions, tips and topics.


Oct 6, 2000
Santa Clarita, CA USA
I've been a heavy poster on the DUC for something like two years now (over 2000 posts myself). I bop into this forum once in a while (and musicplayer), but at times it gets a little too much like r.a.p. - insulting replies - or more like a chat room with it's own little fraternal group.

Certainly DUC questions like "what is EQ used for", or "how do I burn a CD from Protools?" are so elementary that they can annoy the semi-pro and pro users looking for mic phase solutions or how to spend their next $1500 most efficiently.

I just ignore those really basic questions and only answer the ones that are courteous - and where I might be able to provide a special solution that no one has given.

I've also gotten some good replies myself when I've asked non-beginner questions, so I still feel it has some usefulness, just not as much as maybe a year ago.


Hey lwilliam...
Good to see you here! I'm sure many will benefit from your well-balanced help, as I myself did at DUC several times.

Brian (moderator, I believe)