Just purchased an Mpx-500 and M-One!



The thing that struck me about the Lex is the horrible user interface and the sensitivity/insensitivbity of the knobs. The way the software responds to user tweaks makes the settings jump too quickly or not enuff. I do like the addditional knobs for tweaking tho. I haven't evaluated the reverbs in the unit becuase it belongs to my brother. I already had an M-One so I recommended we diversify and told him to get the Lex 500. I see him suffering trying to make the thing work with his 4 track setup, but maybe that's just becuase he isn't very technical.

Mad John

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Nov 25, 2001
I borrowed an MPX 1 from a good friend of mine and had it for about a year.

I thought it was a great disapointment when it came to non digital sounding verb!

I expected more from the name too, but my friend Ira explained that to get the real deal it would cost you over $10,000.

At any rate I never went back to Lexicon after that (too artificial!) , so I got an M3000!

Best reverb in its catagory hands down!

The M3000 is smooth/realistic and organic!

The control you have of the reverb's tail and reflection is quite impressive indeed!

Mad John
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