jv1080 bulk dump check sum error



I've got a Roland JV 1080 and recently for the the first time ever I got the message "Check Sum Error" when trying to reload a bulk dump I'd saved in my sequencer (Logic). The synth didn't respond to anything - it just kept flashing the message "Check SUm Error" so I eventually switched it off. Then when I switched it on again, the sounds were very strange i.e. there was suddenly lots of reverb and/or delay and/or chorus on patches in my performance where previously there had been none. I didn'T know what to do so I set the synth back to Factory Settings. In the manual it just says you have "correct the check sum".

I scrubbed the bulk dump from the sequencer and recorded a new one. When I played it back to the synth I got the same error message.

My question is: how do I rectify this problem?


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Feb 23, 2001
:) Funny you should mention that, I just went through the same thing with a dbx DSP. I found a tiny spot in the operations manual, and had to perform a HARD reset. This was accomplished by holding certain buttons, and switching the unit on at the same time. DBX say's the cause is that the unit was trying to do something the processor/software won't allow, or could not handle.

I am just guessing here, but I think your Roland will require the same sort of thing. On one of my Roland keyboards, the hard reset button is located on an internal card. I would call Roland Service and find out more. "Correcting a checksum" sheeesh, it could be anything....a pretty broad range of possibilities. :d: Get the synth back into operation, then backtrack your bulk dump process, apparently there is something about it the processor doesn't like.

Hope this helps, I'm sure you will find your answer.


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Nov 17, 2002
Mexico City
sometimes you have to use a really slow sequencer tempo to avoid problems, turn off all your other synths, check your midi connections, verify that ur 1080 has the correct sysex id and all that...

sometimes I have to unplug the midi out to get sequencer dumps to work, sometimes i have to have both in and out... its hit and miss with midi

a more reliable way to back up and retrieve sounds is to get sound diver, sorry if i sound like and ad but sound diver is tha bomb 8)