Keyboard player searching for gear to record/live


Apr 13, 2012
tobermory area on,canada
I was interested in the Allen & Heath ZED 14 mixer to use for live performance as well as recording,
the flaw I found with the ZED is its 1.1 USB.I was thinking of adding a Focusrite Scartlette 2i2 USB 2.0,
is this a good combination for recording with my Lenovo labtop?I dont have firewire on the computer(I will be recording keyboard music only)
If so.... do you just bring your audio outs of the mixer to the audio in on the scarlette then usb out to your computer?.Im really new at this.

Also Im trying to decide between 2 studio monitors the Tannoy 601A or the KRK 8Roket

any advise