Kurt, audiogaff, and the rest of the world, please help!!!



Hello, everybody. First of all I would like to say that this is probably one of the best, most impressive and serious websites I have ever seen. ROCK ON!

I know there have been a lot of people before asking the same kind of question, but anyway I'ma give it a shot...

I am on a damn budget, fortunately got one Neumann U87Ai and three Neumann KM 88 in the condenser closet, and, featuring the dynamic section, a Beyerdynamic TG-X 40, Sennheiser MD 431 II (anyone knowing these two mics?) and a Shure SM58. This is the only equipment I got...

Not very long ago, a guy named Santa Clause (anyone knowing that guy?) visited me, left an envelope on my table and disappeared so quickly that I could not even say good bye to him. I bet he must have confused me with another person because the envelope had 5000 bucks in it and a letter saying that I had to check out that recording.org site immediately and ask my question concerning the right gear. So, I can't help it, I only do what I was ordered to do...

I would really appreciate it if you you guys could help me out in distributing 5K to these following devices.

1) A good mic preamp/DI in order to record drums, bass, guitar and vocals properly (at least 4 channels). Would you recommend me doing that with my mics or do you think it could damage my Neumanns when placing inside the kick drum, for instance? BTW, could a U87 be damaged by beatboxing right in front of it? It's not that I wanna record rappers but I did that a couple of times and was unsure whether this stupid action has harmed its membrane or so. I mean, it seems to sound the same but you'll never know...

2) If the money will be enough, maybe a 1 or 2 - up to 4 ch. eq, comp, limiter...

3) A good ADC (PCI wouild be great) in order to feed the computer...

4) Software that can handle all your needs like HD-Recording, Channel or Sum Effects like a decent reverb, exciter, Sequencing, MIDI, good sounding Virtual Instruments for SFX's, Orchestration, Synth-Pads, and, most of all, Mastering in order to burn a decent CD to be played on local radio and clubs. (I know, this one could probably sound a bit naive if you think of that small budget, but it must be the highest quality possible)...

Thanx for letting me know what you guys would do with that money.

In the cathedral of my heart, there will always be a candle burning for you. Lots of love and respect,

Berry. :cool:
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I'd start by having you search for mic pre and/or preamp as well as your other subjects/topics in the archives and spending at least the next month reading and researching. It's all been discussed before. Take the time and make the effort to gain from the wisdom that is there to behold...

AFTER you have done your reading, then asking specific questions are more likley to get answered and be understood.

Kurt Foster

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Berry ....
I wish Santa would visit me .... maybe if I stop pissing everyone off (like that's gonna happen), he might stop by.

OK 4 channel pres ... API 3124 would give you 4 channels of world renowned mic pres ...These pres are the standard when it comes to Rock and roll. Street price; around $2800. [="http://www.littledogaudio.com/api3124-.html"]CLICK HERE[/]

Or a Focusrite ISA 428 ... Rupert Neve designed mic pres. Built in limiters and analog to digital converter. Again a standard in the business. Top of the line too. Street price; $1700
[="http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?ItemID=25356"]CLICK HERE[/]

Sebatron vmp 4000e a discreet 4 channel tube mic pre. I have one and I love it ... street price, around $1800 direct from the manufacturer. [="www.sebatron.com"]CLICK HERE[/]

There's other multi channel pres available but these are IMO the best of the bunch.

For ADC to feed the computer and software, I just saw a new product that has hit the market for under $500, the E Mu 1820 M which will get you into the computer and comes bundled with Cubase 5.1 software. A lot of people are saying this is a very good sounding converter and the price is right considering comparable software would run about $300 alone, it's like getting the PCI card for almost nothing. That's all I have ...