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Feb 21, 2013
Quebec, Canada
The direct sound itself should be the about same SPL. Complex dispersion patterns of real world sources and room reflections will skew things.

I dunno.. if they are the same distance they should be the same volume. They are pointed at different areas. So they won't be the same exact sound but they should be the same volume.. I dunno though.

Without fear of repeating myself : Equal distance will give you in phase signals but if directionnal mics point at different directions, they may not have the same volume comming from the bass drum.. You should get more balanced results with omni mics.. ;)


Feb 20, 2012
New Jersey
That's a good point. But I can imagine that if we're doing a jazz or big band recording, overhead would have a bigger place in the mix..

I find that most of my overall drums come from the overheads. If the entire kit doesn't sound good/balanced in overheads (providing the OHs not just cymbal mics) then there is much work to be done. Granted the kick mic(s) provide the majority of the punch of the kick, but IMO the kick in the OHs is an integral part of the overall sound of the kit irrespective of the music style.

Just my .02

Chris Perra

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Jul 13, 2014
I sometimes use a resonator which adds a ton of bottom and volume to the kick. Km 184's have alot of bottom compared to some other mic types.

So far I'm digging the tilted ortf
PCrecord method alot, nice clarity and spread on the cymbals, in this case it works more as overhead than whole kit.

Recorderman works well If I want less cymbals and more drums. But I have less control mixing the ohs without using filters etc.