Langevin DVC vs ISA 220 vs Millennia STT-1 for Live Vocals



I am looking for front end unit for live vocals. My plan is to either use a Focusrite ISA 220, Langevin DVC or a Millennia STT-1 running to a BSS Aduio DPR 901 II and then into an Eventide Orville for effects.

The unit will be a front end for a male vocal that can get rather high and shrill and tends to be somewhat chaotic/versatile (that is the reason for the DPR).

Please give me some suggestions concerning which unit you think is best in terms of sound quality, features, and ease of use pertaining to vocals.Is there any of these units that I would not want on the road in a shockmount rack?

Jeremy Lee


Aug 6, 2003
New York
Wow, that is a tough one. I love both channel strips. For the money, the DVC is the way to go as you get two mic pre's and two limiters. They are in the same price catagory.

In regards to sound, very close, I would not say one is better than the other. That are both solid state with a touch of color to make them sound pleasant. The optic compressor on the DVC is amazing, and the VCA one on the ISA 220 does not stand up to the DVC in this area for vocals. Shelf EQ on the DVC may be just enough to correct things on stage.
If I were you I would get the DVC. I did.