linking midi controller knobs/faders to protools??



I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post on, but..

Is there a way to link my knobs and faders on my midi keyboard to trigger faders and knobs in protools(8.0.4 LE to be specific)? For example. I want to either link a fader on my keyboard to trigger a track fader in protools and/or link the knobs on my keyboard to trigger certain parameters on plugins, for example on a delay triggering Feedback, mix , time, etc. This way i can ride and automate effects live in real time instead of having to painstakingly draw them in without a pencil tool.

all i have is an Mbox 2, so i dont have a command|8, C|24 , or a Digi003 that would make this 100 times easier :/

any help i would appreciate greatly

thank you


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Jul 21, 2006
Have a look here:
[=""]Controlling Pro Tools[/]

Google is your friend.

The short answer is that there should be a control surface doc in your protools folder that has the controller codes.