Looking for a new vocal mic and monitors.



I’m racking my brain here. I need to pick up the following gear, but I live in a remote area, so A/Bing this gear isn’t possible. I know my ear will tell me if I like something or not, but I have to buy most of my gear online, so I don’t really have that option, unless I use a LOT of time and shipping costs. Plus I’m limited on funds right now (I’ve sunk all my money into building my studio). Please let me know your honest opinions…

So I’m in the market for two things: a new vocal mic and monitors. I’ve got $500 to spend on a mic. I’m looking for the best mic that is versatile for male and female vocals, is balanced and clear, and would work well for other acoustical instruments.

I’ve narrowed down my search to the following mic’s…

1) Blue Bluebird
2) Rode NTK
3) Shure KSM32

I’ve heard great things about the high end Blue Kiwi and Cactus mic’s. They have a good reputation for high-quality parts and sound. (although I guess there is some controversy about if they are now being built in China?) However, the Bluebird is the low end of the Blue selection. Plus it doesn’t have any ability to alter cardioid patterns or replace the diaphragm like the other models. Also, I haven’t noticed many people using this mic.

Rode NTK
I have a couple of recording buddies who own Rode NT1000’s and they sound great for a lot of applications. They seem very flat and clear, and always bring whatever is recorded with them to the front of the mix. I haven’t heard a recording with the NTK’s but it is a valve mic which I think would give an even greater rounded tone. Also, I’ve noticed a LOT of the people on this board use the NTK and K2 mic’s.

Shure KSM32
Then there is the Shure KSM32. I’ve never heard any recordings with this mic, but I’ve read a lot of good reviews. (Especially the new review in the latest Recording Magazine). It seems the most versatile of these mic’s and I’m familiar with the Shure line. I think this mic may be the most versatile for other acoustical instruments also.


Then my next conundrum is my new monitors. I found a deal on some KRK V6 monitors that I can pick up for about $270 each. However, I love the features on the new V8II series with the built in filters to adjust to the room. Also, from what I’ve read and heard from others, the low end response on the V8II’s is an accurate representation where as the V6II’s are recommended to pick up the KRK sub. Has anyone used both of the speakers? Do you have any opinion on these speakers?

My gut is telling me to pick up the V8’s, but it’ll cost me an additional $250 that I was wanting to put toward a GT The Brick.

Arrrgg. I can’t decide what to do. Any opinions would be great!!!!


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Jan 31, 2005
Lowell MA
I think for the mic choice you'll see a lot of people aiming you towards some sort of audio techinica since they have a reputation of being very versitile.


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Apr 21, 2005
Do they make a rack mount for brains? Can't be much harder than racking up a Brick. Sorry just how it read when I first saw it. I also own a baby bottle and I also don't like it on every source. I don't like it on male vocals but on females its amazing. All I can say about blue is they seem to make great mics, i'm not disappointed. I've also heard rave reviews on the NTK, and it seems everyone love the shure

Phil Blackbourn

I have used all three of those mics...

The Blue is a nice mic, but can sound a bit brittle on some things. I would get this one if i was using a tube pre.

The NTK is a very nice mic, but seems to naturaly de-ess, the K2 seems to be a bit more open, and is very warm and full with vintage like top end. I would get this one if I was using a solid state pre.

I dont like the KSM. I would get this one if I was recording a truck running over a mic.



Dec 7, 2004
Get the V8, thats what you REALLY want. Youll buy the V6 and then want more bottm, now you gotta get the sub which = MORE MONEY. Id opt for the NTK for mic, useful on a lot of things. Get the BRICK when you can.

*Dont be in a rush to buy something you dont want or will not use.

I have an AKAI S2000 Sampler I'll sell ya, had to have it ya know. Sets in a box in my closet. Buy right the FIRST time and you wont be STILL wanting the other piece. I aslo have a NEUMANN TLM103 and a I STILL want that U87. hope this helps


Thanks for everyone's replies! I'm taking everything into consideration and I appreciate your opinions!

I just read a great article in Recording Magazine. Anyone else get this? This magazine seems to always discuss what I'm in search of each month.

This month, I kid you not, the developement of the Neumann/AKG mic's and how to shop for new mics, and a review of the KRK V8II's. Crazy huh?

As far as the KRK's go, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the V8's. My point in upgrading my speakers was to get a more acurate representation of my mix and my current speakers leave something to be desired on the bottom end. So I won't make the same mistake twice.

As far as a mic goes I think I'm going with the Shure KSM44. I have a smaller studio and almost all my mic'ing is going to be "close" mic'ing. The KSM44 is a Dual-Capsule large diaphragm which will reproduce better (evenly) during close mic'ing as apposed to Single-Capsule. Also, the KSM44 has the ability to switch cardoide patterns. This mic seems to be what I'm looking for.



schizojames said:
Since you already decided, there's no point in pointing you to a few good words on the KSM44 a few paragraphs down on this page...


Thanks man, I appreciate the post. That dude had a lot to say about the mic, but I think it came down to his personal taste. It sounds like this mic represents what is put in, and that is what I'm looking for, so that sounds great!

Thanks again for your reply.