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M-audio axiom 49 or Novation SL Compact 49 Midi Controllers




This is my first thread, but just wanted to see what people's thoughts were on the two midi controllers. I am trying to decide which one to purchase.

Would appreciate input from people who also may own either controller.

Looking at using it with Apple Mac + Logic Pro 8.



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Feb 9, 2005
South Florida
Don't use either but have played with both. I'm not a fan of semi-weighted keys. So I don't like the feel of either.

I like the number of tactile controls on the Axiom. Lots of stuff right there for you to grab and tweak.

I like the positioning of the drum pads on the ReMOTE better than the Axiom. If you are drum programming it's nice to have those in the center rather than off on one end of the keyboard.

The Axiom comes with software for setting of different configurations and saving them. I've used that with the Trigger Finger and it's simple and easy to use. Novation has what they call Automap which is similar but it seems way more advanced.

I like the screen layout of the ReMOTE better than the Axiom. You can see what your changing and by how much... for 8 different parameters at once.

Both have transport controls which is nice.

If this were my first controller, the Axiom would be enticing simply because of the number of buttons, knobs and faders. But I thing the ReMOTE may be more versatile and easy to intergrate with a DAW and lots of different plugins.

My vote, ReMOTE.