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Here's the deal. I have a client who wishes to transfer 24 tracks of analog to either ProTools or Cubase for a PC. The only things I have in the studio are Macs running Vision and Logic. Both these save as SDII or AIFF files. Will either of these open in a PC environment?
Will ProTools for PC import SDII files from a Mac?
Will Cubase even know what it's looking at?
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Jan 11, 2003
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Hey CA, from what I understand ( and please someone correct me if I'm wrong ), I think SX will reconize the AIFF file extention in the windows version. I've never been confronted with this yet so I'm curious to find out the outcome. :roll:


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Dec 28, 2001
Hey guys..
As long as you are using newer versions of your softare, you should be able to import/export AIFF files with any of those programs and platforms.
It doesn't make a difference where a file was created (Mac or P.C.), only the format in which it was created matters. IE. If a programs opens or uses AIFF or SD2 files, it won't care where they came from, just so long as they fit the description. SD2 files are a Protools proprietory format so if you have those and you're using P.T.s, you're in business. In fact, when you import audio files into Protools, Protools converts whatever files you import into SD2 format itself before you can start working on them within P.T.s. If you are transfering tracks from one platform to another, why don't you just save them on an audio disk (RedBook format) and "rip" them into the new system to work on. Then, you can choose the format you want them ripped into at that time. (IE. AIFF or SD2)
Sounds like you have absolutely fine software for the job, good luck!


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Mar 19, 2003
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In Logic you in the Audio Preferences, you can can set Logic to save in wave format.

Also the Audio Window allows you to convert an audio file to .aif, .sdII, or .wav.



Not that you need to do this, but if you were ever wondering....

You can convert the SDII file into a WAV file. I have to do this when I'm recording at my friend's MAC and want to bring it home and edit on my PC.

To do this, I open up soundforge on my PC, throw my CDR which contains the SDII file in it, then choose to open up RAW DATA file format. I find my file, then it'll ask me to choose the appropriate bit and sample rate - this is because PC can't read SDII files because the header in that file format is wacked (I can't explain it better then that, sorry)... but this brings in the audio just as it is meant to be. If you typed in the wronge bit/sampling rate, trust me you can tell by looking at the huge clipping block wave (don't hit play!!!)

Once it's in the editor in it's true form, you can save to anything you wish.