Mackie D8B VS SSL9K


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Oct 22, 2001
Well, now that I've received a copy of the mixes for a band I produced, that were mixed in a big studio, by a really good engineer. I now know, that I don't need no stinkin' SSL. I used to mix exclusively on SSL's.

If anybody has a place for me to upload the 2 versions of the same song, you can tell me what you think.

Just so you know, one version was mixed by me on the D8B, using the D8B, an RNC compressor and an 1176.

The other version was mixed in a big studio, SSL9k, and had all the outboard gear you could want. Neve strips, Fatso's, Distressors, a couple of SSL bus compressors. You name it, they got it.

Personlly, listening to the two versions, I won't spend the money to go to a place like that. Not when I can get at least as good results right here on my D8B.

So if anyone has a dumpsite for the files, let me know. Otherwise I'll have to make MP3's.



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Feb 10, 2001
The engineer and their ears have alot more to do with a quality recording or mix than the equipment.


Jan 17, 2002
A guy came in with two cd's he paid $95/hr for and compared them with stuff we do at my studio($25/hr digi 001 )and was pissed.He felt like he got ripped off.........too much compression and low end (flabby) on his stuff.That made me feel sooooo competent. :D