Mastering exercise for everybody !


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Mar 6, 2015
Metro-Detroit, MI
One of the reasons I participated in this was to add a completely none traditional approach to mastering, thus... Why I chose to use TV speakers and the HDMI out from a laptop. I mean... think about how many people ask year after year if they can master something on headphones, in a closet, in a small room, on a laptop, bad room acoustics etc etc etc. (cheap speakers, bad acoustics make it impossible to mix or master because ...?)

Good idea. After all, I was on headphones myself.


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Feb 21, 2013
Quebec, Canada
Marco, when you ran through all the examples, we heard those samples based on what your room reference sounded like in a video. I thought that was interesting which adds more discussion on this! How accurate is your room as well? Question: How much would this represent an accurate truth to each sample? (I can see all the participants rethinking how they did their master based on what it sounded like in your video).:unsure: Have you though about expanding on this for future discussion or topics?
Actually every listeners heard the versions through their own room, not mine, unless using headphones.. I did not record the video with mics in the room and I made sure to shutdown the volume on my voiceover mic everytime you hear the music ;)
But you got a point, I'm well aware that my own room isn't professionnaly tuned. I managed to work on it to a point I feel what I do translate ok on other systems.. but I would never pretend doing pro mastering for that reason. My room isn't perfect.
So with that in mind it is possible that the observations that I made on my video were tricked by my own room defects.
There comes the idea of the visual reference. For the viewers that are on earbuds and for me who doesn't have a perfect room, I would use a spectrum analyser, just as a fail safe. Am I way off kind of use.

I'm currious of what Thomas has to say about the subject..

Actually if you read this Thomas, I would be so happy to have a pro ME participate to the next similar exercise. So we could have a pro master as a reference to our own attempts. This would certainly be the proof that I cannot offer mastering services myself and also lead some customers to you.. I think it would be so much better, that I'll be willing to pay for getting the master done (even if the channel isn't earning much).. Let me know ;)