Masterlink or Computer Cd burning?q



Is there any sonic difference in sound quality if you burn your final mix into your computer with a program like DP or logic compared to recording your final mix into the alesis Masterlink. I own a Apple dual gig G4. I know a lot of people record right intot eh computer or bounce in protools and burn cd's. I dont care about the storage factor or the mastering effects in the masterlink. Why should I spend the money if I can burn a cd in my Apple g4. If there is no difference I won't pick up the mastelink. If there is some sonic difference please let me know thanks

David French

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Jun 19, 2002
For a digital transfer from PC to Masterlink, the only difference you could have would be more errors. For an analog transfer, you might degrade the signal a little by going through two extra transductions. Assuming no errors in the digital transfer, the Masterlink will burn the same CD that the G4 will.