MDs are dead?


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Apr 9, 2001
Well I finally had my Minidisc player re4moved from the studio. I've never liked them and I've never seen the point in using them in a pro enviroment (well, maybe as a digital walkman-type thing)

Does anyone use one regularly? Will portable MP3 players replace them? Does anyone else hate that crunching sound they make from time to time?


I think that Sony made a major mistake when they didn't market the DATA-MD as the new super-diskette also. Then we could have used MD's instead of unreliable ZIP disks to carry all sorts of information from MP3's, music & data. And now it's probably too late...

I still think that Minidisks are quite cool, the later generation ATRAC's are not bad at all. But only a few people uses MD today.



They are much more popular as a consumer format in Asia. They are also used a fair amount in radio for remote reporting. I don't know how many of those little MD multrackers are out there but they were popular for a little while.

weezy christ

Definitely not something I would use in the studio enviroment -- but for location recording, collecting SFX/ambiences or capturing live music (aka bootlegging, heheh) they're alright.

I use a fairly recent Sony portable MD with a nice stereo mic and get good to excellent results. If I use a really nice preamp, that greatly improves the audio...



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Feb 10, 2001
While they never sounded quite as good...they were certainly more convenient than an 'Edison Wire Recorder'...

Who ever came out with that flaming piece of $*^t should be slowly fed into a wood it should take at least a half hour before their balls reached the blades.


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Feb 23, 2001
I am guilty, I compose mostly midi, and when I moved the old 8-track out, I found myself needing a few tracks, for expressive instrument, a vocal, or maybe an acoustic picked track, so I got an MD 4-track. It has all the sync capability, and integrated perfectly, giving me four digi tracks to work with, without going DAW. I do not put entire tunes on it, just an occasional track. I really found the benefits in VO work, as said earlier; Radio/TV has great use for these things. When I am are working with a script, and talent, I just tuck it under my arm and go. I just # the lines, and we are off, take, take, take... When finished, I edit, good, no-good, good, etc. After editing, which takes minutes; all the #'s fall in place perfectly with the script. You can then just thumb through the cuts. I think the sound is pretty good, but stay away from generations. I have been told that adat W/TC would be better for the music. They are not very expensive, and might be a consideration, but, it could be back to analog too, just won't sync up as nice. I will continue to use MD in V/O production.
BTW, Fletcher, LOL, there is nothing like a DX-77 off an MD.