Mic Pre or A/d converter with Triton and Sound modules



When recording keyboards, which is better to getting a great signal a mic pre or a A/D converter . If anyone has a particular set-up that works great please elaborate


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Jun 29, 2001
First of all elaborate:

Recording keyboards encompasses these varables:

Live acoustic piano.
Midi keyboard into speaker from amp
Midi keyboard direct.
Stage Midi keys through monitor, mains, or direct.
Recording only the action of a keyboard acoustically (fingernails and action mixed with electronic, acoustical or live speakers to mic.
Rhodes acoustical/electronic either direct or through acoustical, direct, boundary element, barcus berry pickup with acoustical and speaker, all of the above or neither.

Based on the actual topic, you can incorporate all these varibles within that platform.

Ever heard of micing the hands for vibe? I do it all the time. It is well received.

So if we limit, to your topic, do A/D converter as the output of the trident is not at Mic level to begin with, but at line level.

Line and mic level are two wholly different concepts of electronics. Your output impedance will dictate the best way to go. The owners manual will give you the limitations actually.

Which way, so I have an educated answer before I
Rely with something that may be meaningless to the cause of your question.