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Hi all...
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I have a question to you all.
I have a setup with one Akg c4000,joemeek Vc3Q,and a Mackie VLZ,and i was thinking in buy a new mic pre to improve the quality of my recordings,and I think about the SP VTB1,what you think about?Will make that big diference or maybe better go to the RNP?There is so realy great diference between the two?Or even if I buy the RNP,will improve so that much my recordings?

Thanks all in advance..

you should also think about whetheryou are looking for clean or colored. If clean, you might want to consider the grace 101.


You also might look around on ebay for a really nice old mic pre. They're all over the place. One I'd recommend, if you can find it, is an old Ampex MX-10 tube mixer. They have 4 channels of mic pre in. They can be had for not too much money. The tubes are all still replaceable and they sound huge. there are also a lot of old reel to reel preamps that have mic pre ins that sound great. Remember, however, if you get something like this you'll need to get a phantom power supply for your condensor mics.

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Feb 16, 2001
If you're looking for something that will be a big difference, get a different mic.

I own the C4000b and it's a great mic for a few things, but when I want something different sounding, I go for something like my MXL V67, which sells for under $100 and sounds great on stuff that the 4000b doesn't sound great on.

Preamps will sound different from one another, but the differences are smaller than the differences you hear between different mics.