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I'm looking to add a new microphone to my studio and would appreciate any recommendations on those that people feel sound especially good for voice-overs. These would be used for commercials, industrials, multimedia and documentaries. Thanks!


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Jun 29, 2001
Welcome V.O Lady!

Great to see a Lady here amongst this Motley crew!

I heard your voice, very nice. I D-loaded the wav. files. Good bedtracks too! Dee-essing is important. Some of your work could use a tad of it.

For entering this little world of 8600+recording engineers, I graciously offer a free mastering job of one of your clips..if you desire!

How do you sound on an Electrovoice RE20?

As a voiceover artist, you certainly have used them. If not, check it out. It is my pick of the bunch. For Females, I suggest a 5dB cut at 170hZ to keep the "hooting, or ummmming sound lower"

58, or a RE 20, those are the ones IMO.

The pricerier stuff reeks with sibilance for Women. 70% of the words have the sssssss sound that is totally unacceptable in speech quality. I have noticed a pretty large percetage of on the air Women are speaking through their teeth rather than clear and concise. Perhaps you can help me figure out why this trend of talking with teeth clinched became fashionable. Last 5 years for sure. I know, it is another subject...but more and more VO artist are doing it and do not like being corrected. Especially news and sports...and always on Female sports. Is this expected nowdays? I find it very annoying. I also turn it off when I hear it. Sounds "trashy".

Do check the RE20, it works really well at a 3 to 4 inch distance. They are around 500 dollars..give or take.



I would check out the Equitek (CAD) series of mics.

They no longer make the E-100 which is my favorite, but they make mics that are very decent with near flat responses. Great for voice-overs & priced modestly.

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