Midi Interface working with G4 Quicks./9.2.1.



Any advice what midi interface works well with G4 Quicksilver 733 and system 9.2.1. and pro-tools mixplus system (well means whole day of work no crash!! like on my desktop g3 - I loved it...)

I need a reliable thing - it`s for a comm. studio

thx! :w:


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Nov 13, 2001
If you can hang for a while, Digidesign will have it's Midi Interface up and with the nest vers of PT should provided time stamped midi.

In the mean time a cheaper USB may get you by. I have an Emagic AMT4. Small and reliable, most of the time. I still prefer the serial port but it is becoming harder to support and eventualy you will have to be USB anyway. I think Ethernet would have been a better place for 'Future midi' but it looks like USB has won .... for now.