Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.

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Jan 29, 2010
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[=""]Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.[/] - HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps


Packed into rugged aluminum chassis and powered from 12-15 VDC so they can go anywhere, Millennia’s new portable preamps bring you the clarity of the acclaimed HV-3 in two flavors: the dual-channel HV-32P, with two 200 Series HV-32 preamps on board, and the HV-35P, a portable version of our 500 Series HV-35 preamp.

Carry them with you, stack them horizontally...

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Nov 25, 2012
Akron/Cleveland, OH

Would this be what you would consider to be the perfect "alternate" companion for those of us who have upper-level transformer or tube based preamps?

There's no doubt that Millennia has rightfully earned their place as one of the best transparent pre's out there to date... so, because I already have a nice transformer-based pre amp with "character' ( ADK AP-1), would this be the best thing for me to add to grab the opposite end of that character spectrum, by adding the option of ultra- transparency?

The reason I am asking you, is because I know you really dig Millennia pre's, but also, because I find this to be a very affordable option. I'm going to be adding a transparent pre to my chain in the next few months, and I've been looking at choices.
Up til reading this press release, I thought Millennia was out of my price range - but this model is do-able for me.

How do you think this compares to other similarly priced super-transparent preamps like the Grace, or RME?
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