Mar 20, 2000
Nanaimo BC, Canada
I want to add a musical a definitive EQ for my setup, and IBIS and the NSEQ-2 FF are my top 2 most tentative alternatives...

This EQ should be my MAIN Eq for 2-bus processing, and I want it to be very musical (not surgical), as I'm producing soundtracks with lot of harmonics content.

Could your give me some thoughts about it?
You are wanting mojo (very musical (not surgical)

none of the EQ's you mention have any mojo. They are transparent per-say, and without question to me... can all be emulated ITB for peanuts ($) compared to these very expensive EQ's.

I know the Manley also get some love :

and also the SPL passeq :

(even if it seems out of a spaceship ) ;)

SPL also make the PQ but I never had any feedback on it :

I used a SPL Passeq for years, its choice for dialing in bass.Has no mojo.

The PQ is a surgical mastering EQ, has no mojo.

Manley, again, beautiful EQ but has no musical mojo either.