Mixer upgrade, would love to get some other thoughts on it.


Jun 30, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
Hey all, I'm looking to replace my 16 channel mixer in my home studio. Just looking to bounce some ideas off of you guys and see if there might be even better options. My current board is starting to have some issues and I have every in utalized. Currently I'm looking at 3 different board in the price range I'd like to stick around ($600 to $800 but could push up if I needed).

The 3 are:


1. Mackie CFX20 mkII Mixer

+ fits my needs well
+ Trust Mackie

- Would be nice if there where 4 sets of stereo in for Synths (not a deal breaker)


2. Soundcraft MPMi 20 Mixer

+ Adequate board for my needs
+ Never had an issue with Soundcraft

- Could live with only 2 sub out since that is all I use now, but you never know.


3. Behringer XENYX XL3200 Live Mixer (I know, Behringer, but I've had 2 good ones already)

+ Like the EQ (sweepable high and low mids)
+ 2 seperate monitors
+ Nice High pass filter
+ Nice FX routing
+ Inputs in the back, not on top (I know lame, but I like my area to look clean)

- Brand issue but board never moves and most tweaking is done in my DAW

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this and thanks in advance!



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Sep 26, 2005
These are all pretty much the same except for their build quality. Except for the additional inputs, I don't see this as any kind of improvement over what you currently have. Why not just get a second 16 like your first unit? And now have 32. So when you say want an upgrade, what kind of upgrader you really looking for? An improvement or just more inputs? I find all of these perfectly adequate for general use. Although I think I would personally prefer the SoundCraft over those other Chinese selections. That still has a little more of that British factor which I think is a worthy thing. I think you'll find the EQ to be more musical & versatile. And you want the larger mixer because you are tracking more inputs? Or are you looking for a significant difference in your sound? You need to be slightly more specific.

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Dec 11, 2004
in the box it, unless you're doing analog stuff, or using rack mountable recording devices. If you don't like that idea, do quick easy preproduction, and use a professional facility with a large name brand console to track your tunes on, and can mix there, or mix in the box at home.


Apr 11, 2007
Manila, Philippines
Hi Jeff

Actually there are mixers that act the best way on what situation or events you usually use them. If you will be involving big shows later on why not try a digital mixer for that matter. For recording you may use them and they can be versatile as well. For me i am lookin' at always a digital mixer with a high quality pre-amp. Mixers that has scenes, coz i will be using scenes and i may need to
recall them once again. One thing for more most digital mixers now a days can go on audio networking solutions and the sampling rate can go as high as 96 kHz. You may think about it!. For some home studios they invest for the flexibility of the mixer some still consider O1V96 VCM or now a days the popularity of the studio live from presonus are getting there! If you are really tight on the budget thats the only reason that you may think of still the good analog mixers. Soundcraft, MG Mixers, or more channels IM8, less are MW, N8 and N12. Some has built in USB recording for added versatility even in 2 track recording.

Hope this one helps!