MONITORS, looking for input


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Feb 10, 2001
I've got a set of ATC SCM50A's...the active triamp bigger brother to the SCM20A's. Mine don't have the super linear driver (or the wave guide on the mid driver), so mine are a little out of date, but as a monitor they are incredible.

At first they seem bass shy, but after a while listening to them you start to realize that there's ample bass, but it's tighter now, less boomy or exaggerated than other speakers. Once you realize this, it becomes easy to get a good handle on the low end, and clear mixes result. The thing that slays me about the SCM50's is their ability to image. They are the most 3D sounding speaker I've had the pleasure of hearing. Also, the dispersion is can still hear them clear and tell the imaging even well off axis (I can tell you how instruments are panned in a mix while 80 degrees off axis...unbelieveable, but true).

Now, I don't know exactly how this translates to the smaller SCM20A, but I do figure that the flavour of the speaker will be the same. It will have tight but not excessive bass, with wide dispersion. Imaging will be its strong point. With 2 way systems my main concern is with the crossover point being right around the critical midrange frequency (1-2khz), so when you audition them, be sure to find material that emphasises any deficiencies in crossover. Try and pick out details in snare drums and vocals.

I know nothing about the other monitor you mentioned...I had never heard of them until your post.

Cheers, and good luck!


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Thanks, for the diagnosis Dr.

Appreciate the nice input,,, not sure if have read reviews or users on the OWL's but if you do let me know, it's a new concept in monitors, maybe harder for people to adopt,,

I'll be sure to check out the crossover points you mentioned when auditioning the SCM 20's

Again thanks


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follow up

I will be getting the ATC's mentioned in my post, I will have 2 weeks to try them with option to return them :) )

if i can get a meeting with the OWL's sytem guy I will be doing an A/B comparison on the two monitors,,

I will post my opinions as well as the owner of the OWLS's opinions once I get this chance,,

Still looking for any coments out there aswell